Updated SetMyCamPro for iOS Offers Tools for Sharp, Quality Photography

March 18, 2013, in Photo & Video
[San Mateo, California](prmac.com) Developer Bluestone Pond announced today the updated version of SetMyCamPro, an advanced application for remotely triggering cameras, and aiding in camera configurations for depth of field and minimum shutter speed. This innovative application is a tool for film cameras, compact digital cameras and DSLRs to achieve unmatched photo quality and sharpness. The updated app is available on iTunes for $5.99.

The Remote camera triggering uses IR communications (IR Transmitter required) allowing it to trigger a compact camera, film camera or DSLR from up to 15 yards/meters away. This feature is a one-direction communication for the activation of supported cameras. Remote camera triggering enables features such as time-lapse photography, intervalometer, long exposure, High Dynamic Range (HDR), auto bracketing and instant remote activations. It also supports Mirror Lock Up on compatible DSLRs.

Two of the features on SetMyCamPro differentiate it from any other product on the market: motion analysis and Field of View. SetMyCamPro is uniquely equipped with a superior motion analysis feature, virtually eliminating motion blur photographs that are generally caused by camera shake. Intelligent features allow SetMyCamPro to determine the optimum shutter speed for clarity by simply holding the iOS device against the camera.

New with this revision is a unique Field of View (FoV) tool as a compositional aid. The FoV tool features grid lines, histogram, zoom matching selected camera lens, image capture and pause of live video. Additionally, supported versions of SMC can utilize brightness adjustments, image stabilization and image enhancement functions included in the FoV tools. These functions enhance the understanding of image stabilization and help to find the best way to compose the photograph.

“This application is an incredibly useful tool allowing photographers to maximize their photographic efficiency,” said Roger Bauchspies of Bluestone Pond. “We wanted to zero in on eliminating image-threatening variables, so users can simply focus on achieving their desired shot.”

The updated SetMyCamPro also includes graphical Depth of Field and Hyperfocal distance information to illustrate numerical settings. Additionally, the ability to test settings in “what if” scenarios is also included, ideal for enhancing efficiency during creative shoots.

Aside from intuitive quality enhancement features, the application offers helpful tools, including a calculator for converting distance measurements between feet, inches, yards, centimeters, decimeters and meters. For convenience, a flashlight utility is included for supported devices.

The developer also offers two other applications designed for professional and emerging photographers. SetMyCamDF provides users with detailed graphical displays for Depth of Field and the Field of View utility (available on iTunes $2.99). Additionally, SetMyCamMx includes a motion analysis feature to essentially eliminate motion blur photographs (available on iTunes for 4.99).

-Distance Measurement Conversion Calculator
-Camera Remote Triggering
-Flashlight Utility
-Motion Analysis Feature
-Drastically Reduces Photographic Blur
-Helps Execute Sharp, Crisp Photographs
-Field of View (FOV)
-Depth of Field and Hyperfocal View

Device Requirements
-iPhone 3GS or later
-iPod Touch 3
rd generation or later
-iPad 2 or later
-Requires iOS 5.0 or later
-Optimized for iPhone 5

Roger Bauchspies
Designation: CEO

Bluestone Pond is a developer of innovative products and technologies as used in image processing, pattern recognition, data compression, game engines, artificial intelligence and other critical applications.